The F@#cking Shawl Strikes Again

ok, so I recast on, I faithfully counted out sections of 25, 24, and 20. I knit back, double checking my numbers, I knit back again, I did the decrease row, 25, 22, 18. I check my math... twice. just in case. I mean the test knitters didn't have a problem, so why am I? I knit, checked my count, switched colors, knit, checked my count, took a deeeep breath and started the first row of lace. I had decided to put a marker every 2 stitch repeats, each repeat having 12 stitches. oh boy. section 1- perfect, 24 stitches between markers, till right before the section end, 11 stitches... yay! the pattern is working! section 2- all the way to the middle, YAY! I'm still on count. Section 3- what the fuck? there are supposed to be 11 stitches, p4, s2p1p, p4, slip marker. but noooooooo somehow, there are 9 stitches and I JUST DID THE PASS! wtf! so now, I'm going to tink back to the middle and start again. I probably forgot a yo, or didn't s2, but s1 instead. watch. when this is done, it'll be the most glorious triumph in knitting herstory! pray for me.

oh, also, the amazing designer of this shawl, the amazing Sarah Bear, totally commented on the last post about the F@#king Shawl. She made me feel special.... check out the Shawl's back story, and browse Sarah's blog, she's kind of amazing!

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