Ginny's Yarn Along: Pam's Shawl and Marie Antoinette

Today I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along over on Small Things for the first time. I've been seeing Taryn over at Wooly Moss Roots do this for a while now and we're finally settled enough that I've been able to read. I've pulled out all my WIPs from before the move so I can get something accomplished, I enjoy having multiple projects to carry around and choose from. I have also been reading a lot. Like in school, when each class has a different text, each room, or project, or mood, has it's own text here too.

This is what my basket looks like. 4 WIPs, 3 Books (only because my new desert gardening book hasn't been cracked yet.)

But this isn't a run down of each... I'm still waiting on Huz's camera... My phone will have to work for this.

The project is Pam's Shawl and the book is Marie Antoinette, The Journey by Antonia Fraser. 

I read this book a few years ago while preparing for a trip to France. I had always heard the typical "let them eat cake" version, and this is not that. I don't remember much, which is why I'm reading again, but I remember finishing it thinking, "Why can't more history be framed in this light? Why is everything a smear campaign?" Honestly, I think in it's own way reading this lead me to question a lot of what I had been taught. Maybe not outright, but certainly in hind sight. Also, when I read it the first time, I still thought I could be a ballerina, and everyone knows France (and Marie Antionette's teachers) were responsible for it being directly awesome. Also, turns out Madame Antione (as she was called as a child) loved loved to dance. She was like a swan. lol

The pattern for the Shawl is The Mistaken Shawl (Ravelry pattern link). I'm kind of loving the pattern, it's like everything I ever did wrong when I was learning knit purl a million year ago in high school... and hating it... only organized and cute. I wish I hadn't put it away, now knitting it makes me hot and I dislike sweaty wool. It goes quickly, but the increase is fast, so at some point before this is over I'll be knitting million stitch rows. well not really, but it'll feel like it. I have my project notes here, but I haven't really updated it... but I think there are better pics of the pattern, and the yarn, and the colors... ooohhh... I really love this yarn.
The yarn is Brown Sheep Burly Spun in Blue Mountain. It's awesome. The stitch definition, the fatness and evenness of the twist... the color. It's turning my wooden needles blue, which probably should be a turn off or at least concerning, but I think it's awesome. 

Any way, you should totally go check out Ginny and Taryn's blog, because they are both pretty rad.

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Taryn Kae Wilson said...

Hi Kat!
I'm so glad you joined the yarn along, isn't it fun? :)

Love, Taryn

SarahFay said...

The blue yarn is gorgeous! The book sounds interesting. History is always written by the victors. So, it is never totally right.