I'm About To Go Ravelry Crazy

if i can remember my password. shit.

Ohhhh, just watch. When Huz is home tomorrow I'm making him do a pro photo shoot of everything in my Fiber Room. It's gonna be amazing. You guys are going to be blown away by the awesomeness that is my stash... It's not very big, but oooohhhh it sure is glorious. I'm going to update my RavProfile, RavStash, RavNoteBook, RavLibrary, maybe even my RavNeedleKit...  I figure, the best way to increase my inspiration and interest with in my Stash is to make it all look new and sexy.

I'm going to do a quick project rundawn, just to give you guys an idea of what the near future holds for the knitting aspect of this blog...

* 3 Pairs of Socks-
          -Huz Socks, the oddest looking socks you'll ever see, what with Huz having the most tragic ankles ever... about 1/4 done
          -Me Socks, super cute! 3/4 done... but i can't remember how many rows I put in the heel and my most lacking basic knitting skill is row counting.
          -Aunty Socks... so, um, I've knit the swatch? wait'll you see it, the yarn is beautiful!

* Pam's BlanketShawl
          -I started it a while ago, love it, and keep running out of yarn... I have to wait till I can order more yarn. wait'll you see it, the yarn is beautiful!

* The Odd Sweater
          -It's really boring. But learning how to shape the neck and make a shoulder/chest/back thing, also known as a "yoke," is pretty cool. but the sleeves are long and boring... so I'm sort of over it.

* Zoey's Hand Spun Hat
          -It's about to get frogged.

* The Aunty Hat
          -I think the pattern sucks, but I kind of Love the hat. about 3/4 done.

It's late, I think that's all, what do I know, I'm pooped... There is probably more... plus the spinning projects like the 3 ply cotton, or the super fine meri.... . .  .   .    .             .      Ravelry

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