Flash Your Stash 2012

Where it all lives, the colored fibers and finished hand spun lives on this rack so I can stare at it... The store bought gets to live above the natural rovings with the books. I've been posting about my stash a lot, yeah, I'm a little obsessed... sorry.

 Just my handspun and fibers. In the back there is all my cotton singles that I'm plying into a 3 ply... It's taking for ever, but it's fun, so there.

 There it all is, all together. yum

 A close up of just my handspun... le sigh.

My Stash Blanket. Every yarn I ever spun or worked with is in this blanket. I feel guilty when all the partial balls of yarn look at me. They're too small for their own project, but too much to throw out. Solution: Crazy Blanket.

You know you love it. You can't get enough of my stash. Be glad I didn't decide to post individual pics of all the yarn.


Kelly said...

Wonderful collection you have there! Lots of creativity and I love your crazy blanket!

Ballerina Baller said...

thanks kelly! i'm sort of in love with my new fiber room. lol. the idea behind the blanket is to give it to my first grand baby someday... hopefully there will be many more projects with tons more partial balls and at least 1 or 2 more bankets!