Phone Pics From the Last Many Moons

These pictures have no real order, they aren't even all from my phone... But going thru them was fun, and I liked seeing all these memories. I have more stashed, with plans of a moving post, a new house post, several spinning an knitting posts, as well as various blog role topics. Love having all my pics on my hard drive instead of my phone... it'll make updates more efficient... maybe

On the Skunk Train, pregnant with The Man Child.

Puppy Isis, pregnant with KaBean

KaBean, fresh outta Momma. They didn't like her being in my bed, but every time the nurses left I put her back next to me. 

"Are you done yet? How 'bout now?"

They both fell asleep in the Bike trailer... they're sooooo heavy....

Dancing with Melinda. One of the most wonderful people ever in the world. She was my doula at The Birth Of The Man Child... she really made a huge difference.

She wad sending Miss Melinda a hug while she was in India... I just think it's too cute.

You can never have too many pics of your kids sleeping.

She was Up Very High. 

RAIN IN A WHEELBARROW!!!!!! oh my god, kid heaven.
Friends on the tire swing at grandma's.

Too Many Lemons.

Moss on Log Pile

Viking Village.

I have a feeling those Huckleberry bushes will be amazing this year :(

My Girl, the Tree Climber. She would climb anything she could. Logs, stumps, benches, buildings... Pretty much anything. Just today she was scaling the highest, most complicated ladder at the big kid playground. The tree she's climbing in these pics is a maple of some variety, growing in the front of my parents house. When I was a kids, it was a wimpy baby tree, with the leaves just high enough to block the view from the front room. Now it is a kid friendly climbing tree... just for my Littles...

Fruit Blossom

Isis in the Dada World Services shirt. Thanks Set.

All the spinning I could collect before I started packing.

Laundry has never been as much fun!

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