I've decided that instead of doing anything useful, I'm going upstairs to knit. I need to sweep the kitchen, but the closet with the broom in it is locked from the inside. I'm glad I found that out before I put the baking soda+salt+sage onto the carpet to kill the smell because the vacuum cleaner is in the locked closet as well. I also don't have keys to our mail box and I have packages coming from amazon any day now. I keep finding long black hair and mystery stickiness all over the house. This is a problem because none of us have long black hair and we hadn't been here more than a night when I found the first mystery stick in the kitchen. Then I found some in the downstairs bathroom, as well as what appears to be snot or vomit or... mystery slime inside both showers. I'm pretty sure this house hasn't been cleaned since the last tenants moved out. And even then it wasn't cleaned well. I'm glad we have a place to live, we needed a place after we were removed from the yellow house 13 days early... we couldn't have stayed in the cabin for long. I'm grateful that we get to see a new city and decide that we never have to come back. I'd never been to Vegas before we moved here for Huz's work, and I could have gone the rest of my life without coming here. But at least now I know why it sucks, I'm not just assuming (even if those assumptions turned out to be correct). I'm going now. I think I'll work on the Mistaken Shawl for Pam... or maybe some socks, I have 2 on needles now, and I need to start a 3rd... or finish the hat, oh, I can't I need size 10 DPNs... I could start Kabean's new hat... or the shawl for myself... who knows... who knits?

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