Goodby, Cabin.

We didn't get to do as much as I had wanted in our last month on the coast, but just living in the forest and letting the kids soak up nature every day was bliss. I already miss our quiet cabin in the woods. The desert heat and dry air has succeeded in making all of us sick. So I huddle around these pictures, and the other pics of the kids in nature and I try my best to remember what fog feels like... what rain smells like... the sound of the ocean... the frogs... man, why do people choose to live here?

This is the ladder to the loft and where the kids sleep and watch movies... You can see my wheel tucked behind the ladder and the sleeping mat and pillows and stuff all piled up. One sleeps on the couch, one sleeps on the mat. It's a good set up.

Wood burning stove. Best. Ever.

Kitchen and front door. OK, only door. but it's kind of cool...

Kitchen window... 

Fire place window... I like the look of the ax and the bobbins... I think it's like my version of leather and lace. lol

Bad pic, but this is the only view from the loft pic I have. :(

And this... maybe my favorite thing ever... The View From The Toilet. Honestly, nothing is more awesome than watching nature when nature calls.

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