We've Made It

We're here in our new digs in the desert. The window I look out while spin looks right into the bedroom of my neighbor's kid, no more than 4 feet away. Being on the ground floor of this "house" feels like being underground. It's nice enough, this McMansion we have found ourselves in, but it is stuffed so close to the neighbors here. I am so grateful we have this place and blessed that Huz got the job, but I can't imagine why anyone would chose to live like this. Huz tells me to think of it like living in an apartment... a big apartment... I guess... Hopefully, we wont be here more than 6 months, even if we do stay in the desert, we'll probably find a different house.

I'm setting up a whole post of the cabin life and our road trip and how my poor wheel fared thru it all, but we're still settling in and finding our rhythm. For now though, let me share how amazing it is to have Huz here with us, he's downstairs cooking breakfast for the kids, I'm upstairs writing and spinning... I dug out my very first drop spindle and mini cards last night. The wool made my hands sweaty, but the action of twirling and pulling and wrapping and twisting was so relaxing...

See you soon, bare with me, there will be pictures soon.

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